Sunday, 19 June 2011

French Marketing

My fabric supplies have been looking a bit lack lustre recently so I was desperate to get back out to France to do a bit of re-stocking. I used to trail around the local towns hoping that I might find a little scrap of something visionary that would make all the effort feel worth while. The shop keepers have now cottoned onto the fact that tourists are willing to pay way over the odds for a bit of old French linen so it's a bit of a waste of time now. Way too pricey.
So, I didn't faff around this time and yesterday morning went straight to my old fave, Jas des Roberts. There was a full on mistral blowing which had put off a few shoppers meaning there was far more for me to take my pick from. Even by my own standards I did pretty well. A lot of new torchons (french tea towels), grainsacks to turn into window seats in the new house and a huge ten metre roll of antique striped linen. Probably destined to be the covers of my new notebook collection.

New fabric finds

People were going crazy for these wierd dolls

Old apothecary bottles

I can never resist adding another reel of lace to my collection

Or a feather

Heavenly Frech ticking

Proper grain sacks

I love the idea of making a chest of drawers with these old crates

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