Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bedroom Envy

Every time I find a new fabric or wallpaper, I try and convince myself that I need to redecorate.  I always feel less restricted when it comes to bedroom decor and these ones here are seriously making me want reach for the colour charts again...

Maybe if we have two more Cubs?

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Green is the Theme

I love this time of year.  Rain or no rain.  Everything's green and healthy and feels so vibrant and alive.
The bluebells are out, the wisteria's cascading and the broad beans are ready for action. 

 Green birthday lunch at Mel's on Friday

Bluebells walks in Wales this weekend

 Wisteria curtains in France in the beginning of May

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cashmere Crush

I've got a new find.  It's probably been around for years but I've only just discovered it and it's making me very happy.  One of my great (clothing) loves in this World is Chinti & Parker.  Their cashmere jumpers send me over the edge with excitement.  They are the peak of chic and when I win the lottery I will be buying one of each style, in every possible colour.  The problem is their prices.  They've recently shot through the rooftops and unless I miraculously find one on ebay, our love affair, for now,  is on hold.
So, back to my new find.  It's depressing to be writing about cashmere when it's nearly June; I've tried pretending it's summer; I've stopped wearing socks, dug out the flimsy dresses and the biker boots are at the back of the wardrobe.   But when it will insist on hailing and snowing all day, what is one to do?

Answer.  Go and check out 360 Sweater. The pink and stripy one landed on my doorstep last night and I cant take my eyes off her.   She really is a thing of beauty.  So light weight - perfect even when the sun decides to put his hat back on -  beautiful colours and brilliant detailing. I'm hooked already and cant quite get this lime green stripe sensation out of my thoughts...

Monday, 20 May 2013

J Crew Shoe Sensations

Obviously on my quest for the perfect wedding outfit, I meant shoes too. J Crew's latest Etta and Italian collections are making my heart beat slightly faster than usual.  It's a toss up between the glittery sparkles and the lilac snakeskins...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Magic beans

It's not a topic I've ever written about before and I probably wont again.  But it's something that is so magical that I couldn't not share it.  I was feeling very sorry for myself last week.   We were about to fly out to France for a Cub-free 48 hours -  our first holiday with friends in forever -  and I woke up feeling horrendous.  Shivery, sore throat, headache.  Death's door.    So I took two of my new little fizzing magic discoveries and  - I know I  exaggerate -  but I'm really not when I say half an hour later that I was a new person. I've since been doling them out to anyone who will listen and they too are dumfounded by their miraculousness. I cannot believe they are legal.  They're not even guarded behind the counter, they're found just hanging out in the aisles with plain old 16p paracetamol. 

I wont go on but just to say my magic cure is called Aspro Clear.  You can get it anywhere and it'll be the best £2.50 you'll ever spend.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Camilla Franks

I've got one of my best friends, my brother and my sister in law's weddings this year.  That's a lot of good outfits.  I don't really feel I can recycle dresses for any of them.  Each one deserves a new creation. When it comes down to it Im sure there'll be a melt down and my trusty green Chloe will be worn to all three.  But for now, I've got six months to hunt down some serious sensations.

Nothing's really been exciting me until I came across Camilla Franks' new Gypset collection.  Slightly Altuzarra meets Mary Katrantzou.  Wild in the aisles, colour, fringing and patterns.  Right up my street but slightly concerned about distracting from the brides.  Maybe if I left the Maharaja stylie hat behind....

Her collections are available in Harrods in the UK