Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Bazaar

I'm setting up shop tomorrow in a Christmas Bazaar on Park Walk in Chelsea.  If you feel like starting your shopping and getting a lovely free goodie bag while you're at it, I'll be there all day...

The Little Black Gallery


Invite you to
their first Delicious Glamourous Girls Christmas Bazaar 
The Little Black Gallery

11 Park Walk

Tuesday 27 November from 10am-7pm
In the spirit of Christmas a percentage of sales will
be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk, London SW10 0AJ
Tel: 020-7349 9332.                

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Magical Mauritius

So we are back from our heavenly Mauritian escape.  A whole week of doing absolutely nothing.  We basically lay on a sun bed for seven days straight; getting up occasionally for a spring roll - (Mine and Chaz's long-standing, unhealthy obsession) - a quick dip in the sea or if we were feeling particularly energetic, a walk along the beach to hunt for shells.

A very nosy Bullbull bird

Slightly obsessed with this starry lantern in our villa

We'd been advised not to venture out of the resort by people who'd been there before.  I'm not quite sure why; something to do with being too touristy. We followed the advice except for on two occasions.  

Top, top, top of my bucket list is to swim with Dolphins.  But not just swim about next to them; I want to actually make friends with them. Do a few tricks/laugh around/ tell a few jokes kind of thing.  So when we were offered a chance to do this; "Yes! absolutely. of course you'll be able to hug them, play around.  Just like Flipper". I could barely breathe with excitement.  
We had to get up at the crack of dawn on the big day and even after barely sleeping (busy planning my moves)  I couldn't care less as we zoomed off to find my nbf.  
It could have been the disappointment of the Century.  Long story short, we got there and were met by about fifteen other boats jammed full of people with the same idea.  So much for the private one on one.  As a spectator, it would have been hilarious.  100, freezing, mostly fat tourists, trying to negotiate flippers, snorkels and masks while being ordered to fling ourselves off the side of the boat "NOW, NOW, NOW" every time there was a mere glimpse of a fin.  I think I saw one of their noses.  About fifty metres away.  I was mostly trying to get my mask on in time and by the time I had, we were being hauled back on the boat again.   

"now, now, now!"

Heavenly Sophia Rogge sarong

After that excursion we pretty much stayed put.  Carried on as we had been, happy as Larry.  
We've now been back home for five days and the Cubs are making me pay for leaving, big time. Constant crying/shouting/up all night-ing.   I probably feel worse than I did pre-vancance.  But it was worth every single second.  Flipper or not.  

The Mauritian athletics team in training.

Local Police station


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Happy Birthday Cub!

It was the biggest Cub's third birthday this week.  The last few days have been a blur of balloon blowing, cake craft and Fin McMissile.  Why anyone would consciously choose to be a children's party planner - I'm not quite sure.  Two days on, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck.  
I was determined to make his cake myself.  The last two years I've made a relatively simple hedgehog.  This time a pesky hedgehog was not going to cut it. It's replacement? A Formula One race track with the whole cast of Cars 2 in attendance.  Obviously.

It took two days;  Even deliberating the right shade of green for the 'grass' took Chaz and I a good couple of hours.  But it was worth every single second.  He has talked about it non stop ever since.   Even though it was verging on inedible.

Mars Cars

Had I actually remembered to put the Mars Cars out, I think they might have stolen the show.

 There's a few more months to go until the next birthday extravaganza but for now, I need a lie down.  And lie down I shall have.  In precisely six hours, Chaz and I will be, mid air, en route to some sun and a seriously needed time out.  For now all I have to worry about is packing, not thinking about leaving the Cubs behind and what to do if this fake tan oompa-loompa look  doesn't actually wash off.

Until next week! 


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ten Minutes with...

Beauty Writer
Angelica Hermon

You can only use one beauty brand for the rest of your life, who is it?

Ooh that’s a tough one – SkinCeuticals for results and Sisley for delicious, enriching products.

Best part of your job?

Definitely all the products! Oh and meeting some very inspirational people like the hugely talented Lynn Harris of Miller Harris and more recently, Mr Tangle Teezer himself – Shaun Pulfrey – who was the most driven person I think I have ever come across. He’s so passionate and 100% believes in his product and won’t let anything or anyone get in his way (including Dragon’s Den who totally rinsed his idea).

If you weren't a beauty writer, what would you be doing?

Definitely something to do with interiors. My mother was an interior designer for a long time so I think I have inherited my passion for home décor from her. I love interior magazines, particularly American ones (I always stock up on them at Hudson News at JFK Airport) and more recently I’ve become obsessed with pinterest and all the visual ideas you can find on there.

Where do you escape to?

To the New Forest for walks along the beach with wild ponies, toasty log fires and the Beaulieu Organic Farm Shop which I could practically live in – it’s got all manner of treats like homemade yoghurt in glass jars, hot from the oven flapjacks and melt in the mouth lamb shanks. Oh and not forgetting The Pig which has an amazing ’25 mile menu’ and the most beautiful big conservatory where the restaurant is. Everything is either grown or farmed on their land or caught from within 25 miles.

Who's on your beauty speed dial?

Jack at Neville for invisible trims, Charlie at Four London for very subtle sun-kissed highlights, Dr. Sam Bunting for any skin woes that crop up unannounced and uber-facialist Amanda Lacey for a dose of skincare TLC (and I can never resist a snoop around her unbelievably stylish apartment!).

Who would be your 5 last supper guests?

My family.

And what would you be eating?

Roast chicken with all the trimmings (and heaps of extra bread sauce) followed by sticky toffee pudding.

Current beauty obsessions?

Rodin’s new perfume which is tuberose based and people always ask what I’m wearing, Chanel’s Pop-Up store in Covent Garden (they’ve just updated it for Christmas and its like Santa’s grotto in there),  Aerin Lauder’s gorgeous new range and my Charlotte & Co. silk pillowcases.

What annoys you?


Best Spa?

Ushvani Day Spa in Chelsea.

Best Blow dry?

I am not really a blow dry girl but would take a head and scalp massage at Aveda any day.

Magic Manicure?

I am hooked on Shellac manicures and my favourite new find is Sophie Gass’s amazing nail boutique on Ladbroke Grove. They do an unbeatable mani in the most serene environment.

Miracle beauty must have?

My Tangle Teezer – a god-send for my long, tangle-prone hair.

Not worth the hype?

A top Harley Street dermatologist told me that you might as well put Crème de la Mer on your feet, which shocked me a bit!

Best piece of advice?

This too shall pass.

What will you be doing in ten years’ time?

Wondering what I will be doing in another ten years’ time…

How did you get to where you are today?

I interned like hell! Honestly, I got work placements at every magazine under the sun and it was really a case of right time, right place that I got my first job. I very quickly realised that a degree wasn’t going to help me with getting into the industry so I just decided to cut to the chase and start working.

Angelica is the Beauty Co-ordinator at Grazia magazine

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Colour me Happy


I feel that my life is lacking in colour.  My wardrobe is a sea of navy.  Our house is painted in fifty shades of grey.  I'm craving brightness. I saw a house in a weekend supplement yesterday that was full of vivid, crazy coloured ethnic-y prints and I came out in some kind of jealous rash.  I'm now spending my Sunday night scouring ebay for colourful Suzani sensations.

I thought about filling the house with these Bonbon balloons as a cheaper alternative but think I'll be risking those white coated men making an appearance again.  
What is it with me and pompoms/balloons/tassles at the moment?

For the coolest balloons on the planet visit

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Bursting with Pride...

I couldn't be more proud or excited for my brother Ned who has just won the very prestigious House and Garden award for 'best stall' at the Spirit of Christmas fair this year!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Spirit of Christmas

It feels a bit wrong that today's the second of November and not December.  The last two weeks have been so Christmasy and festive - decking the halls for the shoot last week and then at the Spirit of Christmas Fair this week - it doesnt feel right that there's still seven weeks to go.  I went  to the fair at Olympia to help my brother Ned on his Not Another Bill stall.  Not that much helping got done; I got  in an excited frenzy the second I walked in the door.  I tried to be helpful and played shop keeper for all of ten minutes.   But then with the excuse that I was taking up far too much room and didn't want to put off potential shoppers- there were three other, better and far more knowledgable notanotherbillers at hand - slipped off into the festive throng.

The Not Another Bill stall

There were so many great stalls but annoyingly I wasn't really feeling in the mood or ready to start my shopping. Usually, I've written about five lists by now and know exactly who's getting what.  This year I'm a bit tardy.

There were a few sellers though that I'm definitely going to come back to when I do get my act together.  My favourite find was a life-size reindeer made out of lavender from Pollyfields. Not quite sure about where it'd go or what it'd do but I can deal with that when the time comes.  I really feel my life would benefit from a  giant, scented reindeer. Imagine the sleeping...

I couldn't tear myself away from the tissue pompom bunting at the Petra Boase stand. I contemplated buying hundreds and stringing them up around the house but on second thoughts thought Chaz might summon the men in white coats.  Although it is the Big Cub's birthday next week... handy excuse if I ever did hear one.   

My final fave was a children's cashmere company called Olivier Baby. The softest cashmere I've ever felt in which you design your own jumper - you pick your own colour, trim and motif.  The only annoying thing is the biggest size is for a five year old and Im not sure that the whole crop top look is very me...