Thursday, 23 June 2011

DIY Moccasins

I came accross this post the other day on one of my favourite blogs, Moccasins and I go way back but this is something that I've never even considered doing. It's genius and going to be keeping me very busy this weekend. I feel another little side line business coming along...

"Our love on Minnatonka moccasins and obsession with Balenciaga's Fall 2010 shoes made this DIY we created for Foam Magazine a no brainer. With just a tube of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, a pair of paintbrushes (one thin, one thick) and a pair of suede moccasins, you'll be ready to make your own colour block shoes."

To paint the tops of the moccasins, the fringe will have to be tucked under. Simply untie the bow, pull the suede strings out of all the holes (note how it is assembled), and fold the flap under.

Start by making a test patch near one of the holes, as this part will be covered and it’s a great way to get comfortable with your brush and paint. Once you’re ready to tackle the rest, paint the inside edge of the moccasin with the small brush. Then, switch to the large brush to fill in the rest. Finish it with another layer or two for maximum color.

Let dry for at least 2 hours and reassemble the fringe to reveal your new pair of colour block mocs!

(images by Honestly…WTF) for moccasins for the Tulip paint

The Tulip soft paint can be bought from

And mocassins from

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Krystie said...

great idea!!! love them