Thursday, 26 April 2012

Initial Charm..


Is it weird to buy yourself jewellery? Until yesterday I've never really thought about it.  I'm not meaning little bits and pieces from Topshop and Accesorize - I'm talking proper swanky jewels.  But then I guess to someone reading this, your idea of proper jewels could be very different to mine...

The reason I'm asking is because of some ruby initial charms I found while I was wasting yet another hour of my time on Pinterest. I was led to a company called My Natalia who makes these divine sparkling treasures out in India.  

I had to properly restrain myself from buying a ruby 'W'.  And a 'C' and 'R' for that matter.  The problem is, is that they are £300 each.  And I think this is too much to spend on a jewel for myself. 
I also can't help working out that it's the equivalent of about a years worth of nappies.  tragic I know.
However, when I make my millions, I'll be buying a whole alphabet of them.  And a few feathers while I'm at it.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hats Off to Laura Cathcart..

I don't feel properly dressed at a wedding without a hat. I love shimmying around for a day trying to balance some kind of crazy concoction on my head. Two of my bestest friends are getting married next month and if there was ever a wedding for a hat - this is it. I've been a creature of habit for the last few years and at every wedding have alternated between two - I loathe this word - fascinators- one navy, one black. It's time for a change and I'm heading straight for one of Laura Cathcart's creations. It's a toss up between 'Dorothy' and 'Juno' for now but think I'm leaning slightly towards Dorothy in a natural straw colour with a pale spotted veil...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ibizan Vision

Sitting at my computer in grey, lashing rain, this Ibizian vision of a house while might as well be on another planet. It belongs to the painter Olivier Mourao and is currently being used as the back drop to all of my daydreams.

Artist's Studio

There's something about my Mama's art studio. I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is that I love so much. It feels so peaceful and private, like an escape. I love the organised mess. The floors to ceiling bursting with paint and brushes, old books and her inspirations on every wall. Every time it makes me wish I could paint.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

At home with Agnes Deyn

I love nosing around peoples' homes. Especially when they are as crazy as supermodel Agnes Deyn's. Since her Brooklyn apartment has been put on the market (for a mere $2.5 million) - the world has been allowed to see what she's been hiding behind closed doors. Words will not do it justice...

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Head for Bed

I'm feeling a bit sad that I've only got a few more bits of the house left to decorate. I could quite happily do the whole thing all over again. Maybe without the stress of the builders. All our beds are still headless though so my latest and nearly last project is designing headboards. I have three to make and have just come back from a meeting with the lovely Donna, a magical seamstress in Mid Wales who is going to translate my designs into the real thing. And for a quarter of the price of buying ready made ones.

I want each one to be very different from the next and have spent hours trying to come up with new and original ideas. Lets face it, head boards aren't usually the most exciting of things.

I love the idea of having an antique, Indian balcony in my paisley room but am having slight issues finding one that costs less than £2000.

I bought this wooden screen years ago from a shop on Portobello road and painted it off white. We have it in our bedroom as the headboard and it's been slowly turning pink over time which I love. I was quite tempted to get another one for our grey room but it's quite a statement so thought it'd look a bit too same-y.

I'll probably end up going down the typical upholstered route with all three as there are so many divine fabrics that I want to use. Some of the ones in the running are below...

'Cordoba' by Bennison


Two heavenly Penny Morrison fabrics.
Although I'd be very happy with any of her designs.

Peter Dunham paisleys

Nicholas Herbert

Two Vaughan sensations

John Robshaw 'Lanka Oyster'

Other possibles are to use old doors and mirrors; although having glass hanging above your head does make me slightly nervous...