Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cashmerey Heaven

I went to the trade fair 'Pulse' in Earls Court yesterday. It was pretty much a waste of time except for one magical man. The magical man goes by the name of Sadhu and has the most beautiful collection of cashmere shawls I have ever seen. I know I exaggerate on a daily basis but I'm being deadly serious here. They are the Creme de la Mer of scarves. The most divine, beautiful, soft, stripy visions of all time. I was so desperate to take one home with me that I almost made up that I had a fake shop so that he would sell them to me for wholesale prices.

The shawls are made using the under-fleece of the Capra Hiracus mountain goat. The hair is gently removed in spring when the goats molt, with a magic comb to ensure that the fiber length is at least 5 cm long.


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