Thursday, 28 October 2010

Total makeover

The exciting honeymoon period of being back in London has worn off already. Our four years in France seems like a distant memory and it’s only been six weeks.

I look however, like I’ve been back six years - and have been locked in a darkened room. My skin is grey and hair is flat. Probably slightly down to a combination of minimal sleep thanks to teething baby, absence of sun and large presence of cupcake shops on my daily walk route. Last week I decided enough was enough and it was time to do something about it. I seem to have been to about fifty weddings since getting back and am already a bit tired of recycling my trusty wedding ensembles. But last weekend one of my best friends was getting married and I thought it’d only be right to make a huge effort. Total makeover needed.

I normally have a magical lady called Lee who comes to the house and does my cut and colour for about £70 but she was a little busy having a baby so had to rather bravely go off piste and find someone new. I’ve always loved the look of Lockonego, partly because of it’s location next to my favourite restaurant ‘Eight over Eight’ and booked in there for my highlights. After a couple of hours with my new friends Glen and Jermemy I was as blonde and shiny as new.

Lockonego 0207 7951 798

My next genius new find is make up artist Netia Hibbert. Even more genius is the fact that she is also my next door neighbour. Netia’s been a make-up artist to the stars for the last ten years and specialises in natural makeup. She wants you to look like your not wearing any make-up just much prettier. She works from home in Chelsea but her arm can probably be twisted to come to you. I went to her for a lesson in day to night makeup and left desperate to get on the Gatwick express to the wedding so I could show off my new tricks.

A session with Netia costs £85/hour

Monday, 4 October 2010

Friday, 1 October 2010

Pack it up, pack it in...

I'm not quite sure how to contain myself about these Liberty suitcases. I have a small bag obsession as it is but throw in a floral print and I'm speechless. They definitely need to be taken somewhere special, no slumming it for these beauties. And the next problem is which one to get....they look so pretty all lined up together...

Liberty print suitcases.

Dix points

If I'm ever stuck for present ideas I go to Liberty's Le Labo counter. Le Labo is a tiny parfumerie based between New York and Grasse that handmakes ten delicious scents. Each one is made on demand by two of the best 'noses' in the business. Their mission is to create "sensory shocks" irrelevant of what it costs; As far as i'm concerned - mission accomplished. Each smell is so fresh and pure, nothing like any of the other mass produced big name perfumes. When you've managed to choose a scent, candle or body lotion you can then personalize the bottles with a loving message. Serious brownie points.