Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Colour Inspiration

I seem to be spending a lot of my time at the moment looking for inspiration for doing up the new house. It's quite hard considering I've only ever been there once and don't have one measurement to go by. I guess the moment I do get all the dimensions it's going to be slightly less leisurely and a bit more hands on. I think I should enjoy the day dreaming while I still can.
My usual style of home is very white, wishy washy, I hate this word but 'shabby chic'. Ideally there would be a lot of white washed floors, faded florals and a stripe thrown in here and there. I've recently been leaning towards a much brighter, bolder colour palette. More bohemian perhaps. Lots of colourful walls, bright but faded rugs and cushions. Still sticking to natural materials. I don't suddenly want plastic or metal everywhere.
It's in a different climate to ours but I love the way Liza Bruce has done up her riad in Morocco. There seems something very homely about it too.

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Anonymous said...

what would you do with a london townhouse blank canvas willow? ;-)