Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chanel Sensations

Turning on my laptop this morning I was greeted with photos of Karl's latest Chanel show in Paris. As always it looked like the most incredible and theatrical show - Volcanic even, excuse the pun..

Chanel A/W 2011/12 Show in Paris yesterday

Out of all the catwalk shows in the world, if I had to choose only one to go to, without a doubt, it'd be Chanel. They are always the most sought after tickets and always the most spectacular shows. The photos this morning got me reminiscing about my Chanel show extravaganza.
Last May, when we were still living in France, my gorgeous friend Poppy who happens to also be a Chanel ambassador, took me with her to the Chanel Cruise show in St.Tropez. You can imagine the hours I spent trying to work out what the hell to wear. Cub was only six months old and think I'd only left the house about three times since he'd arrived. I'm not exaggerating here.
Anyway, I managed to get dressed. Obviously when we arrived at the show and saw everyone else's full on, head to toe Chanel creations I wanted to get straight back in the swanky chauffeured car and hide for a bit. Everyone there were proper, die hard, Chanel fans. To the point where it was almost funny. It was like being in a moving Chanel boutique. Absolutely fascinating.
The show itself really was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. All the big name, top models arriving by old school Rivas, hopping off and sauntering down the St Tropez port, in the most sensational, floaty numbers ever seen - all the stuff that's in the shops now. Go and have a look. So so pretty.

Chanel Cruise show in St Tropez May 2011

Poppy and Caroline Seiber

Pops and I

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