Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Chinti & Parker

You know that feeling when you come across an item of clothing in a shop and it's just made for you? It has your name all over it. It doesn't matter how much it costs, how it was made, you have to have it.
I was trying to have a nice, leisurely shop this weekend in the Bluebird but the Cub, as always, was having none of it. Every time I came remotely close to picking something up, he would push something over or threaten to wipe his sticky little hands on the most spanking white item he could find. I was about to give up and then I saw it. The most divine, perfect, cashmere stripy jumper ever seen on the planet. I don't think a more perfect, more me jumper could have even been dreamt about. Within about four milli seconds I was wearing it and admiring it in front of the mirror -this of which was now being licked by the Cub. In stroll Chaz and my brother Ned who don't even bat an eyelid at the gorgeous-ness of the jumper. Apparently, it looks like 'the other identical ten' I already own. At that moment, Cub started throwing thousand pound scarves on the floor and so I had to escort him out of the shop, empty handed I might add.
Since then I've been doing a spot of investigating. The stripy vision is from a gorgeous little company called Chinti & Parker. Based in London, two cousins have set up the company which creates gorgeous, luxury basics. Think perfect t.shirts, vests and jumpers. Everything is very simple, no crazy logos or prints. Just perfect shapes and lovely little details. Lots of elbow patches, pockets - a bit of coloured stitching on a button type thing.
Obviously, all in the name of research, a rather gorgeous stripy sailor top I won on ebay has just popped through my door and is heavenly. You can see Alexa modelling it nicely for me below.

Cashmere jumpers. Elbow patches and buttons

Alexa Chung wearing my new ebay t.shirt

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