Sunday, 20 March 2011

Petersham Paradise

I've wanted to go to Petersham Nurseries for ever. It's basically a very swanky, beautiful garden center, with an unreal shop - you will want everything - a restaurant where the legendary Skye Gyngell is head chef - who, by the way, has just won a Michelin Star, and a divine little tea room. What more could you want?

The restaurant is booked up at least a month in advance but if you're as impatient as I am and cant wait, you can pretty much always get a seat in the teahouse which sells to-die-for homemade cakes, little porcelain jugs of hot chocolate and also some seriously tasty sounding tarts.

Its a small bit of rural paradise bang in the middle of London. The perfect remedy for when city life has taken it's toll or if you just want a really beautiful, visually inspiring day out.

Chef Skye Gyngell

Petersham Nurseries
Church Lane
Off Petersham Road
TW10 7AG

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