Friday, 25 March 2011

Sibella Court

On monday my friend Sophia told me about Sibella Court and her book etcetera etc. By monday evening Mr Amazon was packing up my order. On tuesday it arrived and by tuesday evening I was officially obsessed. Since it arrived I honestly haven't put it down. It's next to me when I eat, when I write, when I sleep.
The book's subtitle, 'creating beautiful interiors with the things you love' sums the whole book up in one. It's feels like a scrap book. Though obviously a very swanky one. It is all of Sibella's work, inspirations, projects and finds very beautifully bound together to create the most beauteous, inspiring book on the planet.

Loving her Indigo themes

As well as being an interior designer, paint designer, writer and stylist, Sibella also has a shop called Society Inc. Heartbreakingly it's on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia.

The front door of Society Inc

I adore how she fills every little bit of space in her shop and home with trinkets and treasures that she finds on her travels. From shells, feathers and pebbles to barbed wired and bottle tops, she has a magic knack of making everything look like art.

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