Monday, 28 March 2011

Saturday Farmers Market

My sister-in-law Ruth has been talking about the little saturday farmer's market on her doorstep for months and months and this weekend we finally made it down there. I am so excited about it and cannot believe it's taken this long to get there. It almost felt like being back in France. There are about twenty stalls selling mostly foodie bits. All home grown, organic, lovingly grown, fresh things.

If you like cakes and puddingy things, it'll be right up your street. There are enough cupcakes, meringues and perfectly formed macaroons to sink a small ship. It all looks so beautiful that you want to buy everything just to have it in your home.

everyone loves a shroom

The cheese stall alone is reason enough to go down there. My family have been obsessed with truffle brie for about four years now and thought that it only came out at Christmas time....until now that is. Can you imagine my excitement at the discovery that it's there every week? Not so exciting for my bank balance as it's about a million pounds/bite...
The magical million pound truffle brie

If you're in London on a saturday morning and fancy an outing, definitely go down for a potter.

Duke of York's Square
Kings Road
London, SW3

Every saturday from 10am - 4pm

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