Monday, 3 June 2013


When Chaz and I got married we had a wedding list with a company that went bust a couple of months before the big day.  Long story short, anyone who'd bought us something lost their money - and we lost all our presents. The silver lining was that lots of our friends went off piste and gave us paintings instead of the usual knives and forks.    We've got a lot of weddings this year and I've decided their wedding presents will be something arty.  My first port of call will be Lumitrix for one of Matilda Temperley's tribal photographs.  
Lumitrix is a fab company that takes on relatively undiscovered, brilliant photographers and offers A1 size prints of their work.  Each print is just one of 500, so limited editions and not sillily expensive either.  Perfect wedding present material. And if you want, they can frame them too for you. 

The above photographs are all by Matilda Temperley

Limitrix are offering Willow Rose readers a 10% discount with the code LUMIWILL10

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