Sunday, 23 June 2013

Erdem Wedding

So the quest for the perfect wedding outfit continues.  The look I'm going for changes on a weekly basis.  Two weeks ago it was lady like chic and the week before that it was practically gothic.  (Completely based around my favourite dark plum, Chanel 'Lune Rousse' lipstick.)  Gyspy/flamenco is weirdly another reccuring fave.
This is the latest Erdem  resort collection which I'm feeling quietly hopeful about.  Its got a little bit of everything - long, short, floaty, skimpy, plain and patterned.  Something for every one of my moods. Thinking about it, it doesn't really help narrow anything down.  At least I've got it down to one designer though.  Definitely progress.

Images via honestly WTF

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