Sunday, 2 June 2013

Part one of the weekend

The first half of the weekend was a pure joy.  The Cubs and I went to the Odd and Cabbages and Roses summer sale that really was like living in my dreams.  They ran around in the bluebells while I pottered among the Indian tents in the garden selling Cabbages and Roses, stripy cushions, Indian quilts,  Odd oddities, ice creams and various other vintage treasures.  The Cubs needed feeding so we left empty handed but I managed to come  back the next day to rectify the situation.  I left much happier second time round with a pair of stripy Cabbages trousers - reminiscent of Marni circa 2002. (When it was good) And a ravishing quilt from Angus Buchannan.  
I'm already excited about next year.
The last half of the weekend couldn't have been more different if it tried.  One word, flood. I'll save that joy for when I've finally dried out...

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