Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Blushing Bridesmaid

 In my ongoing quest for the perfect wedding outfit, Ive failed to share the fact that I am also looking for a maid of honour outfit.  For  myself.  My sister in law Ruth, is getting married in September in France and she's left me to my own dress devices.  Completely un-Bridezilla-esque her only input is there's to be no upstaging.  No Pippa Middleton skimpiness.  Though her last mutterings were something about sewing a fat suit into my dress.  As wonderful as it is to basically have a free rein, the possibitlies are almost too endless.  I cant even work out where to begin; Long, short, floaty, slinky, a meringue?  Should it be white, pink, cream - or maybe blue to go with the bridesmaids?  
I know what I don't want.  Which I guess is better than nothing. Obviously it's up to the brides but I put my foot down at anything in burgundy/orange/brown/purple taffeta. 

We've been looking at some slinky Ghost numbers which are pretty and obviously bridesmaid-y - nothing crazy, good merge-into-the scenery type frocks and I'm sure that's where we'll end up.  However, I did recently find thee other spanners to throw into the works.  Not really very bridesmaid-y.  Their only qualification is that they're pretty.  And one has a hint of blue in.  The black paint splashes don't really help my cause.  

Here are the three Christopher Kane visions.  AND they're in the sale.

And below, words fail me.

Big fat gypsy bridesmaids in action.

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