Monday, 17 June 2013

Rock On

I was never very good at science at school.  I quite liked Chemistry; the bunsen burners, pretty crystals and all those tiny glass bottles.  I loathed physics so much it made me hyperventilate.  And my biology teacher was so dull that even the die hard keenos were bored to tears.  My newest obsession is making me wish I'd sat up and paid more attention to Mrs Mole.  I'm not making it up, she was actually called that.  
So my latest fixation is with rocks.  The beautiful, unpolished, colourful, sparkly variety. I've been doing a spot of research and cant get over the fact that these incredible specimens are naturally found like this.  There's been no man made interference, not a bunsen burner in sight.  It all came about after I saw one of Adina Mills's rings on Pinterest.  Which of course have sold out and now every free second I have is spent trying to hunt one down.  I'm quite tempted to have a go at making one myself.  My ebay rock delivery is sitting patiently in front of me;  what could be better than a bit of rock craft on rainy monday morning?

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