Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sale of the Century

I've just about recovered from our sale we did on wednesday. After months of planning, it feels very surreal that it's now over.
It went better than we could ever have dreamt of. We were slightly panicking that we wouldn't have enough stock but arriving on the morning and seeing it all together for the first time, the worrying swiftly moved on to how the hell we were going to get rid of it all. You've never seen so many bags of donations. Some hideous creations but mostly real visions. We had to make a rule limiting ourselves to only buying two pieces each before the doors opened otherwise there'd be nothing left for our lovely customers. I chose a pair of Diesel mint green, slashed skinnies for £20 and a navy Chanel, boxy tweed jacket for £50. It's such a beauty that I had to keep it pretty much glued to my side all day so it wasn't kidnapped.
We didn't want to be left with anything so priced everything at ridiculous prices. The winner of best bargain award went to Miss Chloe Delevinge. She is the proud new owner of a never worn pair of canary yellow, Charlotte Olympias and a this season Matthew Williamson LBD. Both for about £100. Can you imagine the excitement?

Team Photo by Charlie Wheeler
Erin, Amanda, Me, Poppy and Vanessa

Vanessa with a bikini donated by Gerri Halliwell

My home made magic donation box

The Lovely Cressida, manning Ned's 'Not Another T' stall

Erin - in her new Rag and Bone bargain jumper, Amanda and Vanessa in action

Cabbages and Roses creations

Too Many Women Cupcakes

'Hats and Bells's' award winning chocolate biscuit cake

Chloe's yellow Charlotte Olympia visions

If you would like to donate anything to our wonderful cause, we would LOVE it.

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a little luciousness said...

So sad to miss this, remembered all too late. Glad it was a success