Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Last Supper

I read an article this week written by journalist Jo Craven, about how her marriage is built around her and her husband's true love of food. Chaz and I are totally in their same boat. From day one, eight years ago, food was our thing. From our obsession with mini vegetable spring rolls to our twice weekly roast chickens - we used to have one chicken each - we think and talk about what we are going to eat next 95% of the time.
Moving to France opened up a whole new world of culinary excitement. Artisan cheeses, charcuterie we didn't know existed and the freshest fish you can imagine. And obviously lots more.

Chaz and Cub outside the butcher in Grimaud

When our friends were leaving after staying with us, we asked them to sign the visitor's book and at the same time write down what they would have for their 'Last Supper'. We made them make it as detailed as possible so that when they came back we (Chaz) could create their dream meals for them. It became such a 'thing' that we would warn them when they arrived that they would be asked to do it as they left so they had proper thinking time. The topic of conversation at dinner before people left was guaranteed to be about the difficulties they were having trying to choose between certain foods.
To annoy me Chaz always says he would have a 'buffet'. I.E he can't decide what to have so he'll just have everything. I secretly wish that I'd come up with this myself but as I'm so strict with everyone else, obviously had to follow the rules I'd set up. You have to choose;

A canape and a drink/cocktail
A starter
Main Course and a drink
Pudding and a drink with this too
And finally a 'digestif'

Pasta sensation

White truffle brie


My Last Supper

A prawn and chive dumpling and raspberry vodka mojito
A pancetta, pea and mushroom pasta sensation
Chazy's roast chicken with roast potatoes, baked potatoes, red cabbage, mini sausages, yorkshire puddings, peas, leeks and carrot mash
A bottle of swanky red Burgundy wine
Half banoffee pie and half sticky toffee pudding with cream
Truffle brie


The Design Tabloid said...

Wow, that Banofee look delicious! Would seriously consider murder for a slice!

blogmoodeuse said...

That last glass ... killing !!