Thursday, 5 May 2011

Frangipani Fever

They are designed for men but I love these shirts from Frangipani so much that I'm going to try and make an extra small work for me. The company has been set up by sisters India and Clem Langton with their boyfriends Numa and Ben. The idea came to life after they spent months travelling around India they couldn't find anything tasteful for the boys to wear. They found a tailor to make them a shirt and the rest is history.
The concept is very simple and quite frankly, genius.
They have one style of shirt- beautifully fitted - hand made and printed in Rajasthan in twelve different patterns. They're all gorgeous, brightly coloured, block printed patterns that make the person wearing them look very dashing indeed.
I'm now trying to decide which one Chaz will like the most..

Ben and Clem Wilmot and Numa Heathcote

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