Monday, 2 May 2011

Legs Out

It's now May and I still haven't managed to get my legs out yet. They are very happy still encased in their lovely, warm, J Brand skinnies and I'm starting to wonder about how long I can keep them wrapped up.
It hasn't really been a problem until now as all I seem to be wearing are wide leg trousers and long floaty skirts. I can just about get away with the Whistles Carrie visions. Just. They would look a hell of a lot better with a nice brown leg sticking out the bottom, obviously. But they are do-able.
The whole issue arose yesterday when Chaz took us on a romantic lunch to La Petite Maison. We drunk a few too many wines and ended up in an all time fave, Sandro, on South Molton Street. They had the most divine very, brightly coloured, silk short playsuit. It had my name all over it and I was already visualising swanning around in it this summer but thought I'd better quickly try it on first. I was almost embarrassed to look at myself. The jumpsuit was seriously brightly coloured but my legs still managed to shine out like shiny white beacons. Proper show stoppers and not in a remotely good way. I was so embarrassed by their appearance that within five seconds the beauty was back on it's hanger and I was trying on yet another long skirt.
Most of my friends have a magic lady from 'In Parlour' who comes to their house leaving them beautifully bronzed an hour later. For some reason I cant quite justify spending the equivilant of a month's nappy supply on a tan that's only going to last a week. Motherhood has definitely turned me into an old stingebag - two years ago I would be having them on a daily basis.
So, that's my latest beauty dilema. We're meant to be going back to France this weekend so I have five days to pull myself together and dig out my short collection. And maybe pop back to Sandro.

The cause of my problems - the Sandro playsuit

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