Monday, 4 February 2013

Spring Visions

I've been feeling quite green fingered recently and spent most of last week repotting primroses and hyacinths into pretty pots and tea cups. My lovely friend Charlotte, who works for the best florist in the world - Scarlett and Violet, taught me a simple trick which makes store bought plants look they're from another (very chic) planet. 

If you're potting into terracotta pots, simply snip off the tops of the plastic pot and plop them in.  You can then add some more soil or even better, some moss, onto to hide any of the joins...

Christmas cyclamen.

Last weeks efforts.   Primroses, narcissi and hyacinths.

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piapops said...

There is nothing like the sight of pretty primroses and tete-a-tete's to remind you that Spring is just around the corner !