Sunday, 17 February 2013

Crafty Name Cards

Chaz is throwing me a surprise 30th party.  All I know is what time I have to be there and that it's in London.  And that the theme is 'Masquarave'.
He's also planned a small girly lunch for before the party, again, I have no idea how/where/what/when. I was desperate to do something creative yesterday and was allowed to slightly join in the planning by making some name place cards for the lunch. 

The inspiration 


Acrylic paper
Computer and printer
Fine glitter
clear drying glue

Downloaded the (free) font Coneria Script from
Write the names, choose the colour and size of font you want.
Print on thick acrylic paper.
Cut out each name.
Cover the cards in tiny specks of glue, using the paintbrush.
Sprinkle glitter all over.
Let dry and then shake off the excess glitter.
Et Voila!

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