Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ten Minutes with...

Tamasin Day Lewis

What would your last supper be?

Depends on the season. Grouse in October. Sea trout in May/June with Jersey new potatoes, lots of French butter and fresh peas.
Vincisgrassi invented by Franco Taruschio in mid-winter or Chicken Savoyarde. Home made caramel ice cream and Les Gariguettes strawberries in June/July. Asparagus in May. Tarte au citron. Very simple, good ingredients. Vacherin Mont d'Or in November to March.
Cristal, Perrier-Jouett or Ruinart to start. GREAT wines. The best chocolate -  L'artisan du Chocolat's salted caramels.

And who would be Joining you?
My 3 children, my best friend Janie and The mystery man, he knows who he is.

Current fascinations?
Studying Mind Over Matter, a practical and brilliant book that everyone should read. Even if they don't seek or need cognitive behavioral therapy.  I'm also learning Italian.

Favourite Restaurant?
Castello in Verduno, in Verduno, in Piemonte.

Failsafe supper recipe?
Everything in Tamasin's Kitchen Bible, which was it's intention. It was for my children and cooks and learners of all ages and skills...

Can't live without?
Olive oil, lemons and eggs.

Perfect holiday?
My cottage in Mayo.

Favourite London hangout?
Manicomio, Melanzana, Bentley's, Malabar and Quo Vadis.

What annoys you?
Pretentious cooking.  Bad cooking. Bad ingredients. Over-written menus.  Chefs who think they're artists.  Bad writing and wrong usage of words.  Rude people, arrogant people, bossy people and showy offy people.  I could go on and on and on...

What impresses you?
Excellence in anything and everything.   The devotion to art or craft.  Kindness and generosity of spirit. People willing to take time to help people practically.

What would you do with a day to yourself; no work, no children?
Ski.  Walk the wild empty beaches in Mayo.  Listen to my son singing. Read.  Hang out with someone special anywhere. Go to the movies. 

who do you admire?
Unsung heroes and heroines; Marie Colvin and Christine Asnagard.  People who come through adversity/depression/tragedy positively.  The old who love life.  My children and my father.

Secret culinary tip?
ALL of Tamasin's Kitchen Bible.  But best of all, don't try to impress, faites-simple so you can enjoy the guests as much as the food.

Is there a reason you've chosen to publish your new book Smart Tart through Unbound rather than with your usual publisher?

As an alumnus of King's College Cambridge and at Bedales school before that, I have always been independent minded and spirited and loved the maverick way of doing things. John Mitchinson who started Unbound was my old boss at my first publisher. I only want to work with people I have fun with and who want to meet over a good lunch. And who have spades of enthusiasm, knowledge, quirkiness, wit. Enough said. There is no money in it but PLEASE pledge at any level!

If you would like to pledge, go to

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