Sunday, 2 September 2012

Les Vacances

Breakfast figs and Vines at home

We are just back from a gorgeous but completely exhausting week in France.  
We hit the ground running and were swept up in a whirlwind of beaching, lunching, boating, no sleeping - thank you Cubs -  from the second we landed.  In 40 degree heat I might add.  Days as always revolved around food.  Highlights being Tuna Tataki at Moorea Plage - although Kate Moss and Jamie Hinces' arrival slightly distracted me from it's true deliciousness this time round. And the homemade pizzas in my new favourite,'Jardin de Couleurs' in La Croix-Valmer.  

Sushi sensations at Moorea Plage

Lunch and lampshades at Jardin de Couleurs

I tried my hardest to go off piste and not have 'nems' - spring rolls that you wrap in mint and lettuce - every lunch.  I think I succeeded once and swapped them for a bowl of fresh tomato pasta with a dollop of burrata on top.  Big mistake; it looked far better than it tasted and my favourite white dress now has lovely orange, Cub sized handprints all over it.

Mini Tart Tropeziennes at Tropicana Plage

I was determined to get to the brocante Jas de Roberts no matter what and set off early on Sunday morning with only the smallest Cub in tow. The bigger one thinks because it's not a "proper shop", he can pick up and have what ever takes his fancy.  Not ideal when he has a new interest in anything made from glass.

We arrived to find the market hidden under a swirling dusty tornado. Not the best conditions to be searching for wispy bits of lace and heavenly striped fabrics.  I gave up after about ten minutes and came home covered head to toe in sand with only a souped up Peugeot rally car for Cub Senior, to show for my efforts.

Cushions and Artichokes at Le Club 55

Ruth's visionary Anthropologie Clutch bag

Shopping opportunities were pretty low on the ground.  Ruth and I made a fleeting trip into St Tropez one evening.  Apart from a most divine Vanessa Bruno silk skirt the highlight was definitely the Lion Cub boat we found in the harbour....

Coming into St Tropez


The Lion Cub in action...

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