Sunday, 30 September 2012

Back in the Kitchen

It wasn't that I went off food; I just really couldn't be bothered to cook anything.  The Cub's were up 24/7; my book was requiring full attention and the house felt like it was in the running to be the set of the new Arachnophobia sequel. The thought of cooking once I'd reached the heavenly 7pm milestone made me want to run, screaming for the hills.  So I stopped.  We fell into a weekly pattern that involved minimal thought or effort.  Monday was an M&S chicken kiev.  Wednesday - fish and chips from the van in the village and Friday,  Pizza from Ricco's pizza shack- also handily parked behind our house for the night.  So that only left tuesdays and thursdays to come up with something.  It would usually involve a baked potato or if I was feeling energetic, a chicken.  I tried to make it healthy though to counteract the three other health by-pass days.


This week however, I turned a corner.  I suddenly felt the need to cook.  Something wholesome and warming.  And something that I hadn't done before. Chaz has had a sudden obsession with casseroles in the last few weeks.  I personally, am not a huge fan. In fact, even the word 'casserole' makes me shudder.  Before I knew it a tray of chicken thighs had jumped into my basket and my lovely friend Mel had sent me home with a Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall recipe for a Chicken and mushroom cider casserole.
Long story short; it was a sensation.  Chaz awarded it with a 'best thing I've ever eaten' medal. High praise.  And even again the next morning when the wine had worn off.  Needless to say I felt rather proud of myself and am properly excited about what I'm going to cook next.  Although I am quite tempted to do Hugh's  cider creation again.  I like getting medals.

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