Monday, 9 September 2013

Victoria Beckham Dresses

I know I'm completely behind the times and people have been raving about her designs for years but this weekend, for the first time,  I fell head over heels in love with Victoria Beckham.  Her label that is. I'd left my wedding outfit slightly to the last minute - it was the next day - and had given myself a whole morning to find something.  I'd been to all the usuals, trailed ebay day after day and still had nothing I felt good in.  So I headed with a microscopic budget to my favourite second-hand boutiques in Knightsbridge.  Fifty dresses later, fed up with seriously static hair and about to give up,  I suddenly found her.  There she was, an immaculate navy and black silk, organza vision swinging before my eyes.  When the snooty shop assistants explained it was very small and very expensive in  a classic Pretty Woman sort of way, I knew I had to have her.  Even if I didn't like her.  Turns out she's a dream. Albeit a slightly small and expensive one.  The cut and the shape is like nothing I've every come across before.  Mrs Beckham is a genius.  I vowed to wear her to every wedding/party/funeral for the next ten years.

Fast forward 12 hours to the wedding and I'm not in the navy and black VB but in my trusty old red Roland Mouret.  (actually from Asos but people think it's Roland - don't want to waste time correcting them).  Turns out that the snooty assistants were right; it really is very small. I've got a couple of weeks to shrink myself into it.  If not, it looks very good on our bedroom wall.  Maybe a frame to do her justice?


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