Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hats and Bells Party Cookbook Launch

I don't generally leave the house on a monday night.  Usually our sacred, supper on the sofa - bed by nine night - it takes something special to get me out the door.  This week was the launch of my cousin's very special first book and I was there with bells on.  
The book, "Hats and Bells Children's Party Cookbook" is full of the most brilliant recipes and ideas for small peoples's parties.   There is now no excuse for soggy sandwiches and dried up sausages.  I'm already excited about the Cub's next birthday.

The wonderful book

Authoresses - Hatty Stead and Bella Waley- Cohen

 Cake pops

The Ralph Lauren store  - launch HQ

Hattie and Sarah Watt

 Hattie and me

Bella and Hattie

Sneak peaks of inside the book

The Hats and Bells Party Cookbook is available to buy on Amazon and at Ralph Lauren on the Brompton Road, London.

Photographs of the launch taken by Emily Wolseley Brinton.

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