Monday, 30 September 2013


I am so stiff and exhausted after this weekend I can barely type.  Chaz and I hired and skip and spent every single day lit hour ripping out cupboards, tearing down walls, pulling down ivy and chopping down trees.  Come night fall we retreated inside for some hardcore interior DIY.  Painting, putting up lighting installations and sanding - Kevin McCloud himself would be impressed.  
As weak and feeble as I may be feeling today, I can't stop.  I'm on a mission to finally finish off the house and my next task is the kitchen floor.  I've always dreamt of white washed wooden boards but my eyes have opened up to all the other options out there.  Should we paint patterns or go for a pretend parquet look?  Maybe each board should be a different colour? I guess no matter what we go for can be re-painted over again. I'm thinking the bolder the better...

Ideas and Inspirations, mostly from Pinterest.

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