Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sophie Hulme

We've just got back from our family skiing "holiday".  It's boring to talk about being tired - and I know I should be used to it by now but going away in a group, as the only ones with children - both aged 3 and under  - to a ski resort  - is not something to be taken lightly.  I was hallucinating with exhaustion when we walked through our front door nine hours later.  I might add - nine hours later and having left the beloved iPad in the bus that took us to Geneva airport.
But more of that another time.  

Whilst waiting at the airport check in, my attempts of trying to stop the screaming, bigger Cub from karate kicking the smaller Cub off the Trunki, were temporarily distracted when the most well dressed, immaculate, peaceful family pulled up in the queue behind us.  How on earth could travelling with a toddler be such a serene, stress free experience? Why weren't they covered in apple puree and Babybell? How were they cool, calm and collected still wearing their Moncler goose-down coats when I was red faced and hot in a grubby t-shirt?  And then I saw their handbags and I realised.  They had quite clearly been hypnotised by their beauty.  Nothing would phase them with one of these on their arm.  One had an orange one, the other black.  


Long story short, after landing, waiting at passport control, I came face to face with one of the girls and couldn't resist asking her where I could get one of these visions.   It turned out that her sister - 'Sophie' was the actual designer. She was none other than the magical Sophie Hulme.
Since we got home, every second I've not been tied to the washing machine has been spent trying to track down one of her creations.  At a majorly discounted price.  I'm trying to work out when the next batch of sales are and have an awful feeling it's July.  I have found one on ebay with a dinosaur charm on it.  The Cubs love a dino.  I thought I could maybe use it as a new toy/baby bag - surely a household necessity? 

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Fiona McKenzie Johnston said...

I love a dino too. Please buy it - it sounds like heaven! xx