Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pyjama Party

One of my earliest memories is being about ten years old and seeing an advert of a beautiful lady wearing a slinky,  silk nightie in a magazine.  From that day on, I decided that when I was a grown up, that is what I would wear. Slinky nighties became my marker for adulthood and chicness. 
I think now I'm 30 I qualify as a grown up.  I did try the whole slinky thing.  And liked it for a while but then just felt like I was playing dress up.  As much as I don't want to let my younger self down, I've come full circle and realised my ideal form of sleepwear is a pair of crisp, matching pyjamas.  In reality it's a pair of bottoms worn with the first t.shirt that falls into my hands.  I want to make more of an effort though.  I want to look a little less teenage.  The most beautiful, elegant pairs keep pinging into my inbox and I think the time is now.

All the above are from Poplin

The two below are from Hush

If you're feeling seriously swanky the creme de la creme of the silk pyjama kingdom is Olivia Von Halle.

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piapops said...

Vintage slinky slips and nighties look great worn with skinny jeans and a little cashmere cardi though !! x