Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Michelin Birthday

I got taken to the mega swanky, Michelin star holding, Harwood Arms for one of my best friend's 30th birthday lunches last week.  I had no idea it was so swanky.  I was fully expecting a cheeseburger and chips and instead got the most delicious pan friend guinea fowl in it's place.  The idea of going  somewhere with a Michelin star has never really been that appealing to me; I've always imagined them to be places where you have to whisper and it's all a bit pretentious.  The Harwood Arms is the total opposite.  Light, airy, relaxed.  No whispering aloud.  And, it's run by one of my old friends Ed. Another unexpected bonus. And they have the best home made scotch eggs I've ever tasted.

The guinea fowl 

 Scotch egg sensations

Sisterly love from Clem and India


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