Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wild for Wilderness

We spent last weekend hanging out at Wilderness festival.  It wasn't as crazy as we'd hoped for as we had both cubs in tow.  I don't usually associate a festival with small cherubs but it was actually such a wholesome, relaxed, child friendly one that it would have felt very odd without them there.  

The Big Cub's transportation

En route...

The whole day was totally food orientated and spent wandering from one food seller to another.  If we'd been more organised we could've been banqueting with Yotam Otteleghi and Valentine Warner but the tickets went like lightening and we made do with the next best thing; Deep fried scallop, pancetta and rocket and seared tuna and tempura samphire burgers from Fin and Flounder.  I hadn't been that excited by the sound of them - the mac'n cheese bar seemed a bit more alluring - but I don't think I've ever tasted anything quite like them.  A proper taste sensation.

The Royal Mail post ladies deliver love letters to fellow campers.

The Jaffe and Neale tent where I would have been doing craft lessons had my book been out in time.

Salami shower curtain?

Small Cub's lunch time.  No Scallop burger for him...

My most favourite place was a tent designed by couture florists 'Bella and Fifi'.  Sitting bang in the middle of the festival mayhem was the most serene, calm, flowery haven. A secret hideout where you could make your own flowery masks and head dresses, sitting around a bath of gypsophila and hydrangeas.

The Bella and Fifi tent with the hydrangea bath.

A Bella and Fifi flower mask.

A passing fleet of singing foxes.

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