Monday, 6 August 2012

Magic Coat

After several especially grey days and sleepless nights last week, I took myself off to Oxford for a time out.
I'd had a thought about doing some culture; maybe pop into the  Jenny Saville exhibition at the Ashmolean or even take a peek at the shrunken heads in Pitt Rivers.  
It unsurprising remained just a thought though and I ended up doing retail therapy instead. 

I ended up with a new winter coat.  It's from Zara. Although it really could be Celine.  I am completely mesmerised by it and keep getting it out of the cupboard to stare at it.

I now know why it's called retail therapy...

1 comment:

Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

Your coat has a lovely line. I'm not sure how the sleeves would look on me, but I think you will be very stylish this winter :-)