Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I was looking though my photos last night and realised that I'd talked about going to Venice but had never actually posted about the trip itself. 
It was such a whirlwind visit but we managed to pack in so much that I actually felt like I'd been there for days.  We did sightseeing, ice cream eating, whizzing around on Gondolas, dancing around to Bryan Ferry, feasting on more Venetian delicacies than we knew what to do with and all in less than 24 hours...

Taxi anyone?

On our way to the hotel

Everyday Venetian life

India and Poppy

Our Hotel

Detail of Poppy's Manoush dress

En Route to the party, Amanda, Poppy, Me and India.

A very glam Olivia Hunt shimmying to dinner

  Razor clams and scallops 

The empty party church - the most amazing venue of all time

The venetian delicacy puddings

Poppy, Amanda and Amanda Ferry dancing to Bryan Ferry.

Bryan in action.

Venice by night, home time...

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