Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Feast of the Gods

The last two weeks have been a total blur.  Venice totally threw me off piste.  I've been running around like a mad lady trying to make everything perfect for the small Cub's Christening ever since I got back.  

Lunch, in the end - if I do say so myself - was a sensation.  I feel I can say that as I only made about 2% of it.  The majority was all down to Chaz and our Mums. As usual we made enough for ten times the amount of people that came - I'm still enjoying the leftovers.  Suze's chocolate mousse for a 10am pick me up this morning couldn't have been more perfect.

The Final Menu;


Crudite with guacamole, hummus with honey and taramasalata
honey mustard mini sausages
parma ham and melon
Strips of seared beef with soy and miring sauce
Quails eggs and swanky Daylesford celery salt


Rare filet of beef
Poached salmon and hollandaise sauce
Roasted aubergine, feta and sunflower seed salad
Courgette ribbons, roasted peppers and basil salad
Green salad with avocados
Beetroot and seed salad with a maple syrup dressing
Cured hams and salamis
Jersey Royal potaotes - roasted and boiled
Asparagus, toasted pine nut, pea, broad bean and pea leaf salad


Suze's chocolate mousse
jewelled fruit salad
Pavolva Sensation christening cake


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