Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Off to Join the Circus

Generally speaking, Circuses aren't top of my favourite places list.  I'm not a massive fan of clowns and there's always the worry of being eaten by a wandering lion.  

We went to Gifford's Circus this weekend however and I've been properly converted.  I'd actually quite like to join them.  Although what I could bring to the party I'm not sure....perhaps lion taming?

 Even the Cub who has an attention span of a knat was mesmerised from start to finish..


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Shire Crafts said...

Just to say glad you enjoyed the circus and had a visit to our lovely vilage.
I never got the chance to say what a pleasure it was to get to know wee Wolf - such a truely lovely little boy!
I am following your blog with interest as I love your style and your design looks - shall definately be buying a copy of your gorgeous looking book...might have to ask for a signed copy!
Best wishes