Friday, 6 July 2012

The Land of Nod

Sleeping has never been the smallest Cub's forte.  From day one he has insisted on my presence beside him every hour or so throughout the night.  It's been taking its toll over the past few weeks; The frequency of exhaustion-led-meltdowns has increased -we're now on about one a week.  And I'm looking about 45.  I even contemplated giving  good old Dr Sebagh a call this morning.  I restrained myself and bought a tub of Waitrose 'Baby Bottom Butter' instead.   It's supposedly miraculous for the wrinkles.

I've tried everything humanly possible to make him sleep.  I've read every bit of Gina Ford, Baby Whisperer and Mumsnet advice a million times over. I've bought black out blinds and white noise machines.  Any hint of a helpful suggestion and I'm all over it.
I've been keeping cranial osteopathy as an emergency last option and yesterday was that day.  We went first thing to Oxford to meet Dr Susan Farwell.  Twenty minutes later and discovering that he had indeed been in need of a little bit of adjustment, we were on our way home again.   Being my last attempt, I hadn't dared think about what I'd do if this didn't work.  Maybe go on a road trip to find Gina Ford in person.  At least I know he'd sleep in the car.

I was awake for most of the night, listening out for him.  But the cries never came.  We were instead woken at 7 15 am by the bigger Cub shouting from the rooftops that he needed a wee. It is a miracle -   the smallest Cub has finally slept for twelve hours straight.  I am terrified that it was a fluke and tomorrow i'll be up again with the larks at five.   But for now I will hope and pray that it was actually down to Dr Susan and not some mean trick of nature...

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