Monday, 16 July 2012

Violet's Box

I'm not going to talk about the weather.  But I mean, really?
Life with two cubs who only want to be outside is quite testing at the moment.  The only way through it is to daydream.  Thinking of anywhere and anything other than this.  Today's thoughts are of my 30th. Again.

I've mentioned the 30th before and you probably won't be shocked to know that we are still nowhere near a decision of what to do.  Although one condition, sans doute, is that there is sun.

One thing slightly swaying the decision is the new online dressing up sensation, 'Violet's Box'. If we didn't go away, a full on fancy dress party is definitely top of the list. I love any excuse to dress up. Although as much as I love the idea, I've often got so excited about the thought of it and run out of steam doing the research that when it comes down to it, the outfit's never as good as I've had in mind.  And I end up wearing some hideous, highly flamable, plastic creation, wishing I'd been more creative.

My exciting new find, Violet's box is going to put an end to this.  The new company is full of brilliant, original vintage and fancy dress creations (not a red pvc devil costume in sight) both to buy and for rent.  You can even invite Violet to your party and she'll come, outfits at the ready and dress you herself.

I did Pirates for my 21st - and all the Cub's birthdays so far - it might be time to move on.  I'm quite taken with the corsets and bloomers so thinking Marie Antoinette could be quite a good one?  

Or cowboys and Indians..


Or perhaps 'Festival'... 

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