Monday, 11 June 2012

Christening Feast

We are christening the smallest Cub in a few weeks time and I've been trying to plan the menu for months. I love the idea of creating my own little Ottolenghi style banquet but realistically know that i'm not really going to have the time or energy when it comes down to it.  On top of this - and probably more relevantly - is the fact that I have suddenly lost the ability to cook anything.  Everything I've attempted in the last few weeks has been shocking.  I'm not being modest.  I've managed to curdle shop bought Hollandaise and turned chicken into rubber. I even ruined baked potatoes. Twice.  So I'm slightly lacking in confidence in the culinary department at the moment and need to come up with some very simple but tasty creations.  

Jamie's Parma ham and peaches

Sprouted Kitchen's beetroot and avocado

I've been through every Delia, Jamie and Ottolenghi book in the house a million times and hunted for hours on Pinterest and still am no closer to a decision...

The Spouted Kitchen's butternut salad with cider dressing

Jamie Oliver beetroot salad

Ottolenghi Roast butternut squash with burnt aubergine and pomegranate molasses

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Bubba said...

Know what you mean about losing the ability - I never had it anyway. It all comes down to cheese in the end. Luv your blog - you must be so clever.