Monday, 10 January 2011

Wrap me up

My love of scarves is something I have definitely inherited from my Mother. I remember playing with her neatly folded scarf towers when I was about seven thinking what a waste of time they all were and could not for the life of me understand why she needed so many of them. How things change. I too now have my very own scarf drawer.
We have exchanged scarves for Christmas for as long as I can remember.
Actually I lie, this year she went slightly off piste for the first time and gave me a seriously posh cashmere dressing gown instead, not that I'm complaining. I stayed on track and gave her a Brora red tartan chartouche that she still hasn't taken off.
Danish label Epice is always our number one scarf go-to. Mostly merino wool, their patterns are always gorgeous floral prints, stripes and spots in a wonderful rainbow of colours, making it a slight problem knowing which one to choose when faced with their whole collection. Much harder to find in the UK than they were in France but Fenwick on Bond Street always has a really good selection.

Some Epice scarves.
Fenwick. Bond Street. London. W1

I feel there's no such thing as a scarf season. One of my best scarf buys was in France, mid July when it was 34 degrees outside. The most gorgeous Virginia Johnson bright pink merino wool shawl with huge white sharks woven into it.
Definitely in my top ten list, textile designer Virginia's pieces are colourful, cool and different. She seems to have a thing for animals and birds and prints them on all her work. I long for her Camel print shawl pictured below.

My beloved pink shark print Virgina Johnson scarf
Bought from

My brother Ned got ten points at Christmas with the Lem Lem striped scarf he gave our Mother. Bought from another scarf heaven, Liberty, it could be one of my new favourite makes. The company was set up in 2007 by supermodel Liya Kebede when she saw that the local weavers in her hometown in Etiopia were losing their jobs due to a decline of demand for their goods. She wanted to preserve the ancient tradition of weaving and help her fellow countrymen and so set up LemLem. Picture bright coloured stripes on wispy cream cotton. Dreamy.

LemLem scarves can be found at Liberty and

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