Monday, 31 January 2011

The Magic Cure

I forgot to mention one of the highlights of the breakfast extravaganza in my last post. The hotel we were in is renowned for it's brilliant Spa programs and even if you haven't signed up for one of their packages you still get to benefit from their 'Slow Life' philosophy.

So my best bit was a 'healing area' as I liked to think of it. Chaz wouldn't go near it with a bargepole so I would have his portion too to heal me twice as much. There was an ayurevedic bit with hundreds of little bottles full of magic tinctures to heal any ailment you might have. I would have 'stress' and 'balance' every other day and try and force Chaz to have 'detox'. They're bottled in Sri Lanka and am sure if we bought them back to London they would sell like hotcakes.

The proper star of the show though, hanging out next to the tiny tinctures was a dark, mysterious looking syrupy bottle of Noni Juice.
Noni juice hails from the French Polynesian islands where they've known of it's miraculous properties for years. All you need is one teaspoon a day and in that tiny amount you'll be giving yourself every vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant, amino acids and cancer fighting compounds you'll ever need. Well maybe not everything you'll ever need but it's basically health in a bottle and I am quite obsessed with it. Enough with all these Gojis and Acais, from now on, it's Noni all the way.

Soneva Gilli resort on Langanfushi Island, North Male Atol, Maldives

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