Sunday, 30 January 2011

Heaven is a place on Earth

Sitting at my desk, drinking hot tea, wondering where my thermals are, I cannot believe that 48 hours ago I was sitting on a sun bed, sipping fresh juices in Paradise - a.k.a the Maldives.
You know those pictures you see of the Maldives, impossibly white sand, crystal seas, tropical fish darting around? They are real. They haven't been altered or photo-shopped to make them look prettier. They are actually, really like that.

So for a week, our first time ever away without our cub, we sunbathed, swam, ate, bicycled and snorkeled in what I imagine heaven to be. Probably about 85% of our holiday was spent eating. The breakfast buffet is something I will dream about for a very long time. Anything you could possibly want, they had it; A patisserie section - croissants, wholemeal croissants, donuts, cakes, baby chocolate donuts (my best), banana cake. A bread station with about 12 homemade different loaves. A muesli section - I've been banned from saying 'Bircher muesli' I banged on about it so much. Every exotic fruit known to man. A sushi department , yes, for breakfast. A whole menu dedicated to all things egg related (eggs benedict for Chaz, pancakes for me) and another housing the Spa juice menu. They even had a curry area; fish curry when I wake is not at the top of my agenda but I can assure you it went down a storm with the Sri Lankan family next to us. The award for weirdest breakfast went to a Dutch lady who had a spicy fish curry with a mini chocolate donut every morning followed by vegetable noodles and job fish sashimi.

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