Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Please not another bill...

I love hearing the postman putting the mail through my door every day. There's always the small hope that something unexpected and exciting might be waiting on the doorstep. Sadly I'd say that 99% of the time all that's sitting there are boring bills, airport taxi flyers and if we're especially lucky a new pizza takeout menu. I do secretly quite like these though.
Anyway I've found a genius new company called Not Another Bill to combat the disappointment of being greeted every morning by just a bunch of bills. You subscribe to this company for either a year, half and year or just a one off treat and depending on what you sign up for, they will sporadically send you a surprise treat in the post. What you'll get, who knows? But they guarantee you'll love it and it just adds to the excitement of getting something other than a bill to open.
I'm already excited about my first mystery package. Let me know what you get!

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