Monday, 1 November 2010

Patch phase

Im not really sure why but I have a real thing for elbow patches. Last week my laptop exploded so I booked an appointment with an Apple 'Genius' on Regent Street thinking they'd send me home all mended. They didn't; Thanks to a techincal fault I have now lost everything - all my photos, my writing, my contacts. Everything. If one more person so much as whispers the word 'back-up'...
I know worse things happen but I left the store completely shell shocked -as if i'd been hit by a bus - and somehow ended up being unconsiously drawn accross the road into Liberty. I floated around for a while, not really able to concentrate and then suddenly, a moment of clarity. Infront of me was the most gorgeous purpley marl, wool APC jumper with chocolate brown, suede elbow patches. Just looking at it made me feel instantly better. Within about three and a half minutes I had tried on, bought and left the shop with swanky new jumper in tow. And for about an hour felt much better.

A.P.C elbow patch jumper in ceil.

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