Friday, 5 November 2010

All I want for Christmas

I know it's only November but by this time last year I had easily finished all my Christmas shopping - I was ten months pregnant and adamant that I wouldn't have one second to shop once the cherub arrived - so comparatively, this year I'm pretty tardy. My list isn't finished by any means but I've already spotted a few things that I would really like to be hiding under the tree with my name on them.

A Laura Lee gold coin necklace. Tiny gold coin necklace with 'Love' written on it, made from the finest chain ever seen. I'd wear it everyday. She also makes matching earings that would make me very happy too.

About £150 from the Bluebird, Kings Road or

Im going through a bit of a grey nail varnish phase and love Essie's Chinchilly and Chanel's Particuliere

£14 and £9 from any department store or

Mary Newcomb is my absolute favourite artist and you never know, someone might win the lottery and want to buy me something extra special this year. I love most of her work but here are some of my favourites.

The lady with a bunch of sweet williams (1988)

The unofficial countryside (1973)

The Brooding Rooks heaven (2001)

Crane Kalman Gallery has the biggest collection of Mary Newcomb.
178 Brompton Road. SW3

They're about six seasons old but Chloe's Silverado wedges are still top of my most wanted shoe list.

Not sure where to get them, if anyone wants to sell a size 39...

I dont know what I'd do if someone gave me the whole Anya Hindmarch travel range. Possibly the chicest thing on the planet. I love the idea of having matchy matchy accessories too much for words. I've actually got butterflies just imagining swanning around the airport and whipping out my fleet of the black and gold beauties. Laptop cover, make-up bag, see through make-up bag (have this one already), baby bag, hair tong holder; you name it Anya's done it. And I really would like them all. Please.

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