Monday, 22 November 2010

Going Stella

One of my all time best Christmas presents is the box of Stella McCartney days of the week knickers Chaz gave me two years ago. I have literally worn them to death - they now look like cobwebs. I have two pairs left that any normal person would have thrown out months ago but I love them so much and even though they look like they should only be worn at Halloween, cant bear to be without them. They are quite pricey but price per wear is probably 0.05 pence so if you look at it like that are actually a real bargain.

Stella knickers. £125 from Liberty and Matches.

So whilst on the hunt for my new box of beauties I came accross yet another Stella sensation. This time not for myself but for the Wolf cub and I actually dont know which I prefer; her days of the week babygrows or the knickers... As baby clothes go these aren't so much as a bargain. At £67 they are actually a fortune but he would look so divine in them they would be absolutely worth it.

Days of the week babygrows
£67 from

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