Monday, 22 November 2010

Hattie Rickards Jewellery

No one likes a Monday but this has made me so excited it feels like Friday. My great friend Hattie Rickards's first jewellery collection for 'Made' is finally available to buy online. I've loved her designs from day one and am feeling rather pleased with myself that I already have a few of her original works from when she was at Central Saint Martins.

Her love of nature and the countryside really shows in her collection.

"I spend my life collecting up pods and seeds wherever I am. I love drawing them because of their delicacy, intricate detail, the way they age and the secrecy of what's inside them. The challenge is to find a feature of the pod and make it your own as people don't need to recognize what planted the seed of your design".

£100 Kaleha Necklace

Pembe Bangle. £10

Hattie in Nairobi with the creators of her designs.

To buy Hattie's pieces have a look at

also at

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