Sunday, 27 October 2013

Prettiest of Pumpkins

The Cubs love Halloween.  In fact they actually only really love the pumpkin part of it - they're still too small to really understand anything else about it.  The bigger Cub insists on filling the kitchen window sills with an assortment of the orange balls from the end of September until he then swaps them for sparkly Christmas paraphernalia come December.   This mass of orange in the middle of my kitchen distresses me more than it should.  The selfish joy I feel when they start going mouldy and have to be relegated outside- I keep to myself.
I have suggested that we swap the glaring orange for a chicer pale green variety for the last two years but he's having none of it.
If I lived in a more girl friendly environment this is what we would be having dotted down our table.  

Courtesy of Erin Boyle at Gardenista.

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